Covid-19 Update

Dear patient,

Here we are again , another lockdown after seeing a large increase in Covid-19 cases. Here at The Mindful Osteopath we are keen to reassure patients that we are staying open. The government has stated that you are allowed to leave your house to attend an osteopathic appointment should you need to. Our governing body has also stated that osteopathy services across the UK could remain open no matter what level of lockdown restrictions we are subject to. Here at The Mindful Osteopath we follow the best practice regarding Covid-19 procedures. We provide a safe environment  and professional treatments for you and all your family.

We are able to see you face to face at Gurnard Pines. We have assessed the practice for risks in relation to Covid 19 and put into place additional processes to mitigate them. We are following the government and the GOsC guidelines in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. The procedures in place will be reviewed as the guidelines change.

All patients will have a pre-screening form to fill in as part of their confirmation email and if needs be we shall take an initial case history on the phone to determine if a face to face session is relevant or if support could be provided by a telehealth consultation. 

Appointments will be more spread out so that you don’t meet another patient and we have time to clean the room thoroughly. All linen has been removed from the treatment room and replaced by plastic couch covers and pillow cases that can be disinfected after each patient. If you would like a towel to preserve your modesty you may have one; it will be placed into a material bag after use and will then be washed at high temperature.

Before you enter the treatment room we shall kindly ask you to wash your hands or use the alcohol gel provided. We shall also check your temperature with a non-contact thermometer and give you a surgical mask to replace yours while your are in the room.

I shall myself be wearing a ffp3 mask, goggles, gloves and a disposable apron. Don’t forget you will have to wear a mask to enter Gurnard Pines. If you don’t want to wear one I cannot treat you. Children under 6 don’t need to wear a mask but I reserve the right to refuse to treat them if I think they are unwell.

Payment will be cashless: BACS, online payments or cards (machine cleaned after use).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe but don’t suffer, call me, even if it’s just for a question, I might be able to help.

Kind regards,

Sylvie Hamilton, osteopath.

Welcome to The Mindful Osteopath

Welcome to The Mindful Osteopath established at Gurnard near Cowes. We offer the highest standards of service and effective treatments for your musculoskeletal problems. Our Osteopaths are friendly and professional and will diagnose your condition swiftly and accurately. Osteopathy adopts a holistic approach to understanding the body, relying on precise knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Osteopathy promotes self-healing, relieving pain and stiffness.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a medical healthcare profession that utilises a patient-focused, physical approach to restoring, maintaining and promoting physical and psychosocial well-being. Osteopathy focuses on a whole body approach and applies a variety of techniques to free up joint restrictions, increase spinal and soft tissue flexibility, improve circulation and provide advice and exercises relevant to the individual person and their presenting condition.

(The British Osteopathic Association)

Why is The Mindful Osteopath Special ?

Here at The Mindful Osteopath, we offer osteopathic excellence for people of all ages from the newborn to elderly.

At The Mindful Osteopath, many patients have enjoyed the following benefits after a course of treatments :

  • Quick and effective pain relief
  • Life without painkillers
  • Rapid return to daily activities
  • Improved posture
  • Better sleep


Some patients may benefit from a short course of treatment without the need of ongoing sessions. Other may gain from maintenance appointments every month as we believe prevention is better than cure.

We are covered by most health insurance companies :


I was in so much pain on Wednesday but the treatment you gave me made such a difference. I cannot thank you enough. The next day I felt so much better, more mobile and 90% pain free. I was pleased to see you on Friday (during my follow up appointment) to show you how much I had improved with my mobility and how well I felt. Thanks again Sylvie for your professional, friendly and caring approach.

Mrs Theresa Bucknell, Park Street.
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