The Mindful Osteopath

Let me introduce myself as I am fairly new to the island. My name is Sylvie Hamilton. I have moved here in August 2018 and started my new practice at Gurnard Pines in Cowes in January 2019 in the beautiful Healthwell Clinic.

I graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine with a Masters in Osteopathy and a diploma in Naturopathy. This extensive training enables me to not only look at a patient’s musculoskeletal health but also assess lifestyle and external factors that could slow down or impinge recovery.

I treat a wide range of people from newborns to the elderly, including pregnant ladies and athletes in a friendly and approachable manner. I am wholly committed to the highest standards of patient care; your wellbeing really matters to me.

From my experience working with people suffering from a number of degenerative diseases, dementia and having volunteered at the Peace Hospice in Watford, I really believe that osteopathy can help the elderly live a better and more comfortable life.

Pregnancy can be challenging and being a new mum can also be a difficult time if you have had a difficult labour or if your baby doesn’t settle. Having undergone postgraduate training for the treatment of pregnant and post-partum women as well as newborns and children, I am able to provide support and treatment for these stages of life. Don’t suffer, just contact me, I might be able to help.

In my free time, my children being grown up, I look after my three dogs and two horses. I am a keen outdoor person and enjoy walking, riding, swimming and plan to start sailing again. Being very active and having had a few injuries myself, I have a good understanding of sports injuries and how to help people go back to their favourite activities.

I am also qualified to treat animals so if your dog or horse has been injured, needs maintenance treatment, some TLC as they are getting old or preparation for competition, contact me, I can help.

Each patient (human or animal) is unique and is treated as such. I will always take the time to explain findings, treatment, recovery plan and consider the possible mind and body link to your pain presentation.

My treatments are preceded by a thorough biomechanical assessment and include structural osteopathy (massage, mobilisation, manipulation), cranial, visceral osteopathy, Kinesiotape and medical acupuncture where appropriate. I also have an Omega low level  laser therapy machine, which helps speed healing and is particularly good with tendon, ligament injuries and scar tissues.

I am also a trained Pilates instructor and can offer one to one Pilates sessions to help patients improve their posture, get stronger and more mobile.

Prevention being better than cure, you don’t need to be in pain to benefit from osteopathic treatment.

I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy. I am fully insured.