What is it?

Visceral Osteopathy is the treatment of internal organs (digestive tract, respiratory and reproductive systems) and their ligamentous and facial attachments. The treatment uses the osteopathic philosophy to normalize circulation and blood supply to the organs.

‘By restoring a normal functional relationship between the organs & their neighboring structures, the osteopath can guide the body from dysfunction towards better health’.

Visceral osteopathic techniques can be applied to the diaphragm, liver, lungs, kidneys, stomach, intestines, bladder and gynecological organs.

Comparative studies found visceral manipulation beneficial for various disorders

Acute Disorders

Whiplash | Seatbelt Injuries | Chest or Abdominal Sports Injuries

Digestive Disorders

Bloating and Constipation | Nausea and Acid Reflux

Women’s and Men’s Health Issues

Chronic Pelvic Pain | Endometriosis | Fibroids, and Cysts | Dysmenorrhea | Effects of Menopause

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Somatic-Visceral Interactions | Chronic Spinal Dysfunction | Headaches and Migraines | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Peripheral Joint Pain | Sciatica

Pain Related to

Post-operative Scar Tissue | Post-infection Scar Tissue

Pain Related to

Post-operative Scar Tissue | Post-infection Scar Tissue

Pediatric Issues

Constipation and Gastritis | Persistent Vomiting | Infant C